Kelly Seyarto Earns Major Endorsement in 32nd Senate District Election
YORBA LINDA, CA – – Today the Southern California News Group (SCNG) announced their endorsement of Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto for the newly drawn 32nd Senate District. The Southern California News Group is home to both the Orange County Register and the Riverside Press-Enterprise, two of the biggest print papers in the 32nd Senate District. The 32nd Senate District includes portions of Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. You can read the entire editorial on the Orange County Register’s website.

Some key excerpts are below.
“Republican Assemblyman Kelly Seyarto is the clear favorite in this race. A longtime Murrieta councilman and mayor, he was elected to the Assembly two years on a standard Republican platform of public safety, pushing back against the excesses of Sacramento and addressing very practical issues like wildfires. To the latter point, Seyarto was a career firefighter.”

“…Seyarto completely understands the nuisances and realities of lawmaking in Sacramento…”

“Seyarto speaks credibly about the need for a fiscally conservative approach in Sacramento.”

“Drawing on his experience in local government before and after the 2008 recession, Seyarto is well aware that while the state may be boasting of a surplus today, that could vanish tomorrow if things go south.”

“At a time when the supermajority in the Legislature is happy to create new programs and spend frivolously, it is important to have more practical voices in Sacramento to call out what needs to be called out.”

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