Public Safety

Too many legislators in Sacramento either don’t get it or don’t care that their policies to decriminalize criminal behavior and release dangerous offenders have caused crime rates to skyrocket, contributed to the homeless crisis and made every community in our state less safe.  We need to overturn policies and laws that restrict law enforcement’s ability to deal with people who choose to operate outside of the laws that every other law abiding citizen must follow.  I spent my entire career in public safety as a firefighter and I will always be steadfast in my support for the men and women that patrol our neighborhoods in order to keep us safe.

Standing Up for Taxpayers

Californians are the highest taxed citizens in our country.  Our gas taxes are the highest in the nation and so are our sales tax and income tax rates.  Meanwhile, the Governor continues to raid gas tax revenue, that was promised to be used for roads only, to help pay for a bullet train from Merced to Bakersfield.  Enough is enough.  I am committed to going to Sacramento and standing up for taxpayers, and I want to help end the tax and spend culture that has politicians using Californian’s wallets as their personal ATM.

Solving California’s Anti-Business Climate

More than 65% of all new jobs in our community are created by small businesses, however the California legislature is making it even more difficult, if not impossible, to start up or run a small business.  Already over burdened by environmental restrictions that create frivolous lawsuits, anti-business legislation and government bureaucracy are making it more difficult for small businesses to survive.  Taxes, labor costs, energy costs and poor infrastructure are causing our job creators to move on to other states or is forcing them to simply close their doors altogether.  This has to be dealt with or the next recession is going to be right around the corner.

Improving our Infrastructure

California spends more than $200 Billion dollars on government services annually, yet our roads and highways are among the worst in the nation.  We need leaders that are committed to prioritizing and building transportation infrastructure to support our working families and building the necessary water storage and delivery system to support our population.  Infrastructure development is all about priorities and in my opinion, water and roads come far ahead of $100 billion dollar bullet trains.

Solving the Growing Homeless Crisis

Nearly half of America’s homeless population lives in California.  It seems the more our Sacramento politicians try to “fix” the homeless problem, the worse it gets.  Cities like San Francisco put forth “progressive” policies that are simply creating more and more homeless people.  That is not progress.  We need someone who is committed to producing solutions that actually address some of the different aspects of the homeless problem in a pragmatic and thoughtful manner instead of trying to produce a one size fits all approach.

Fire Prevention

We have had years of deadly wild fires in California and the situation is just getting worse.  We simply must deal with this issue in a much more forceful and urgent manner.  Properly managing vegetation and ensuring that our fire protection services are fully funded is something that has to be a priority for our decision-makers in Sacramento.  As the only candidate who has experience working in the field of fire suppression and management, I will make sure that our resources allocated for public safety are used wisely and efficiently.

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